Fiscal year closing ceremony of 2017 and CMC SISG Awards held in the afternoon and evening of June 1 at Western Palace Convention Center (443-445 Le Hong Phong, Ward 2, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City) with the participation of more than 300 CMC SISG employees. Especially, the ceremony was attended by Mr. Ho Thanh Tung – Deputy CEO a.k.a Chief Strategy Officer and Mr. Le Thanh Son – CTO from CMC Corp.

Individuals receiving the award of the year

Event called “Rising Stars” with the hope that each fiscal year goes by, CMC SISG has more and more bright stars to bring the company to new reach. 2017 CMC SISG Awards are divided into 4 categories: Outstanding Star of the Year (awarded to 40 typical individuals); Best Star of the Year (awarded to 09 outstanding individuals); Outstanding Team of the Year (awarded to 05 typical departments); Best Team of the Year (awarded to 03 outstanding departments).

Group 3 – ENT Business Department won the Typical Division of the Year award

For Individual voting: The nominated individual must be the Team Leader or Staff who started working at CMC SISG from April 2017 or earlier. Manager, Center Director, Block Director are not on the list of nominees. The nominee is an individual with outstanding achievements, outperforming the other members of the Corp / Department / Center.

For department voting: 08 departments with the highest number of votes were voted for in the three divisions of Business – Technology – Support and each division should not select more than 03 Divisions.

Departments and individuals that do not meet the Annual Plan will not be nominated. The selection of this year’s nominees is carefully considered from the results of development KRI and productivity KRI of each individual and department. In particular, KRI development is considered seriously and cautiously, if there is a very high productivity KRI that development under 50% are not allowed to nominate. This shows that the Corp selected and rewarded those who have comprehensive development, to avoid focusing solely on sales, profits or U&B but not on long-term development goals.

Các cá nhân đạt giải Cống hiến

In addition, the program also honored 84 individuals who won the Dedication Award, which are employees with seniority from 5 years to 20 years at CMC SISG. Also awarded to Sales Excutive who has contract that reach the number of VND 2,000 billion.

Especially, Mr. Nguyen Trung Chinh – CEO of the CMC Corp also sent gifts to two individuals, Mr. Ngo Thanh Tan – Sales Manager,FSI Department, who had the achievement of signing the first PCI DSS contract for CMC and Mr. Bui Thanh Phong – The Director of BS Division has a track record of contributing to improving the capacity of providing CMC business solutions for financial and banking sector.

Mr. Ho Thanh Tung – Deputy CEO of CMC Corp presented on behalf of Mr. Nguyen Trung Chinh.

Sharing at the beginning of the program, Mr. Dang The Tai, CEO of CMC SISG let the attendees to the event look back on the past of the fiscal year 2017 with remarkable achievements: Personnel of 2000 billion VND revenue. ; Growth rate of over 30%; Acquiring nearly 100% of financial and banking customers in the South … are impressive achievements of CMC SISG.

After awarding 2017 CMC SISG Awards, all CMC SISG people had a chance to exchange and enjoy the dinner party, home-made music performances and lucky draw prizes is how CMC SISG people congratulate for a successful 2017 fiscal year and have more motivation to strive for the new 2018 financial year.

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