On August 12, 35 CMC members from CMC Telecom, CMC SISG, CMC P&T from three regions of North, Central and South joined and completed the 5/10/21 /42km distances in Danang International Marathon 2018 ( DNIM).

At DNIM 2018, the number of registered members of the CMC & Friends Runners (CFR) group was 35 people, 400% increase compared to 2017 (only 9 runners participated). This is also the first time the athletes of CMC Telecom, CMC SISG and CMC P&T have competed under the blue CMC shirt. The numbers the running movement of CMC is gradually spreading from the North to the South, attracting more and more employees to participate, contributing to creating the cohesion among the member companies of CMC Group on all 3 regions and between CMC and close customers.

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