On June 6, 2018, CMC SISG held the Opening Ceremony of IT Helpdesk training course for IT students in Ho Chi Minh City. The ceremony was attended by 38 students who are IT students from Ton Duc Thang University, Hutech University, Thu Duc Technology College with the presence of representatives of the school administrators, CMC SISG Board of Directors, Division Staffing & Internal Lecturers of CMC SISG.

Internal lecturer from CMC SISG at IT Helpdesk Training course

At the ceremony, CMC SISG introduced students to IT Helpdesk Roadmap, training programs and employment opportunities after graduation. This is a completely free training program for students from IT Universities in Ho Chi Minh City, the program is part of the Training Student Program in Information Technology and the Program of Recruiting IT Technicians in 2018.

Accordingly, students will participate in 24 topics, focus more on practice, soft skills and practical work experience instead of just learning theory. The program will be taught directly by internal lecturers who are experts, managers of CMC SISG. Expected training course lasts for 2 months, at the end of the course, CMC SISG will issue certificates and select the best students to join the company’s potential IT Helpdesk candidates.

Mr. Dang The Tai – CEO CMC SISG is sharing at the training

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Dang The Tai – CEO of CMC SISG wants students to come to CMC SISG not only to study but also to explore and discover about the company and themselves, from which to identify clearly for their career path. He said that they confidently ask more, be more curious, not only about your expertise, but also about the company’s processes, activities and organizational structure.

Ending of the opening ceremony with the CMC SISG Office Tour, the students were excited with the spacious office and the joyful and energetic working atmosphere at CMC SISG.

CMC SISG Office Tour

This is continuous Enrollment Program. To register for the, please contact:

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