“I dream of CMC in 2043 as a true working environment” Work With Fun. ” I was 66 years old at the time and wanted to be at the Corporation’s 50th birthday party to discuss with you “Heart” and “Passion”.


Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, days in May of 2018,

Please specify where I write this letter is Vietnam, because CMCers 25 years will be available worldwide. Hopefully these messages will be translated into many different languages ​​around the world.

Dear CMCers2043,

In the jubilant and bustling atmosphere of CMC 25th birthday in May 2018, I felt both joyful and restless, hard to describe … it feels like a girl about to turn 25 was filled with dreams although I’m about to be 41 years old.

It’s been 10 years with CMC since January 2008. I still do not forget CMC 15th birthday anniversary, members in the South gathered in Long Hai (Ba Ria – Vung Tau) friendly and cozily. At that time CMC SISG had just over 100 employees. Until now there are more than 300 people in a group of 2500 people. Over the past 10 years with so many changes in the stature and position of CMC in the market. It’s been 10 years of transformation, development of management system and team capacity. Accompanying with CMC, I have also been growing up day by day.

[I dream of CMC in 2043 as a true working environment” Work With Fun. ” I was 66 years old at the time and wanted to be at the Corporation’s 50th birthday party to discuss with you “Heart” and “Passion”]

Full name: Tran Thi Thu Trang | Position: Head of HR Department | Company: CMC TSSG | Year of work: 10 years

CMC is a part of my life, because there are so many successes, failures, joys, sorrows here.

  • At CMC, I had a boss who was a “brain-damaging” master, both lighting me a fire and pouring cold water at me.
  • At CMC, there are some intimate friends that when I’m having difficulties, they are willing to spend time sharing. A sympathetic look, a gentle coat of arms or a question “are you okay?”. It helps me to keep my balance in the next step. Those friends were also not afraid to give frank comments when I acted wrongly.
  • At CMC, I have colleagues of all ages from many regions, with different personalities and different talents. They are with hot temper, cool temper, sense of humor, have big faith, or just want to settle down. Normally, they are very cute dnd when we have conflicts, it can be very frustrating at first. However when we share openly, we discover that everyone is cute, from there try sympathetic for each other more to cooperate and achieve success.

Years of happiness or sadness, whether successful or failing, every morning I wake up and I want to rush to the company, because my mind is always full of ideas and projects and the intention of “must do something better, must do something else”.

Ms. Tran Thi Thu Trang (blue long dress, standing in the middle) with other famale coworkers on March 8

So what made me so attached to my work here? Besides policies, working conditions (material, non-material), from within myself, it is “Heart” and “Passion” that have kept me in CMC until now. And I know, these two things have been existing in so many CMCers in our time.

“Heart” is not simply thinking about others, but the ability to bring beauty to life. Passion is not just about like anymore but it is the belief and the will to overcome all difficulties and obstacles to achieve the desire.

Dear CMCers2043,

I dreamed of CMC in 2043 being a multinational technology corporation, at that time we had come half way to become “A hundred-year enterprise, Vietnamese brand, and international stature“.

I think by 2043 there might be tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of CMC people present all over the world. Thus there will be many robots working and interacting with them.

While I was sitting at home writing this letter, my father looked at the phone that my son was playing and laughed, “This was once only in the fairy tales.” Definitely 25 years later, when reading this letter, learning about CMC in our time, you will also laugh because a lot of things did become fairy. 25 years, 50 years or 100 years, science and technology will still develop rapidly, CMC will also have a lot of outstanding technological achievements. Hopefully, no matter how the CMC changes and develops, no matter what position you do or any work at CMC, please keep heart “Heart” and “Passion“. Material life may change, but those humanistic qualities will still exist in every human being, making life more and more beautiful.

And I dream of CMC in 2043 as a true working environment “Work With Fun“. I was 66 years old at the time and wanted to be at the Corporation’s 50th birthday party to discuss with you “Heart” and “Passion“.

Maybe that day my children and grandchildren are also members of CMC, why not?

See you, CMCers2043!

May 06 2018

Ms. Tran Thi Thu Trang – Head of HR CMC TSSG

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