Mr. Khu Han Giang – Director of CMC SISG Customer Service Center has excellently obtained ITIL Expert (Information Technology Infrastructure Library Expert) – the highest certification in ITIL system. It is estimated that there are about 13 experts in Vietnam obtaining this certificate.


ITIL is the most mature management framework for the IT management team. That is why ITIL Expert is a prestigious certificate in the world. ITIL Expert is the highest certification in the ITIL certification system, applied by multinational corporations to build IT service systems and transfer IT to service-oriented. ITIL Expert certificate holders are capable of strategizing, designing, deploying, operating and improving IT service systems, and have many advantages when participating in large IT service projects. The world’s leading IT groups have been thoroughly applying ITIL to best transfer IT values ​​to customers. This is also a mandatory trend for IT business in the next 2 years – both service users and service providers like CMC SISG.

Mr. Khuu Han Giang – Director of CMC SISG Customer Service Center

To reach ITIL Expert, there are 2 options and Mr. Giang chose under the Service Lifecycle Module. In this learners must pass 05 subjects: Service Strategy – SS, Service Design-SD, Service Transition – ST, Service Operation-SO, Continual Service Improvement – CSI (Intermediate Level) and the final subject is Managing Through Life Cycle – MALC (Advanced Level).

Mr. Khuu Han Giang – Director of CMC SISG Customer Service Center

During the learning process, students are allowed to do case studies in Sample Paper. Each lesson consists of 1 real case and questions based on that case with 04 answers corresponding to points 0, 1, 3, 5. Regarding the structure of the exam, each subject includes 8 sentences and exams within 120 minutes. Each sentence includes 1 situation together  with questions. Passing score is 28/40 ~ 70% and 35/50 ~ 70% (for MALC). The 07-month journey (equivalent to 25 consecutive school days) requires the learner to have a high level of concentration and seriousness for himself. After finishing a course, you must take the exam immediately so when returning to daily work, there will be no worries about review & exam.

In addition, students must have at least 05 years of experience in providing IT services to customers, involving in the operation & administration of the system to have get difficulties, obstacles, concerns of service providers, have unresolved headache problems and understand what customers need. Thus, ITIL is really close and new learners absorb the knowledge in the best way.

Mr. Khuu Han Giang said: “Owning ITIL Expert certificate, demonstrates the investment of CMC SISG in the capacity of technical experts. This is an opportunity to expand the knowledge of the entire CMC SISG team to change the mindset towards the service, understand the components of the service, thereby helping to provide customers with value and experience in translation. service according to international standards. With ITIL Expert, I believe that CMC SISG takes a new step of maturity in service delivery capacity, as well as systematizes the entire business process, people and technology, continue to bring customers new IT services with positive values”.

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