On September 20, 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City, CMC Solution and Technology Corporation (CMC TS) and Microsoft Vietnam officially signed a memorandum of cooperation confirming CMC TS to Cloud Solutions Provider, and also the only locally authorized partner to provide Microsoft FastTrack service in Vietnam market.

As CSP Partner and Fast Track Partner, CMC TS will directly provide and deploy all Microsoft cloud-based services to enterprise in order to provide Comprehensive solutions and services, security, optimize investment costs for businesses.

As for FastTrack, CMC TS also supports customers to deploy Microsoft “Best Practice” for products and services of Windows 10 & Office 365 (Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online, One Drive for Business Online, Office ProPlus, Microsoft Teams , Yammer …) and Enterprise Mobility & Security (Azure AD, Microsoft Intune, Azure Information Protection, Microsoft ATP) for businesses.

With experienced technical experts, CMC TS affirms its position as the No. 1 strategic partner of Microsoft when accounting for more than 35% of the sales of Microsoft LSP partners in Vietnam market. In recent years, CMC TS has also deployed a variety of Microsoft services for many companies. Therefore, CMC TS has been nominated and recognized by Microsoft as a CSP Partner and FastTrack Partner to be able to expand business model as well as the ability to deploy premium services on Microsoft’s cloud platform.

(Mr.) Pham Van Trung – Vice Technical Director CMC TSSG shared the benefits brought to customers through CSP and FastTrack program.

Mr. Pham Van Trung – Vice Technical Director CMC TSSG said: “Cooperating with Microsoft in providing solutions – cloud computing services is a CMC TS strategic step. We have joined the FastTrack team since the launch of Microsoft Cloud in Vietnam and build technical capabilities for each of Microsoft technology segments. Especially CMC TS technical team has many years of experience in implementing large, complex and successful projects. Therefore, we are fully confident in the role of CSP and FastTrack Partner of Microsoft in Vietnam ”.

(Mr.) Do Khac Cuong – Director of Small and Medium Enterprises, Microsoft Vietnam shared about CSP and FastTrack program of Microsoft and CMC TS.

Mr. Do Khac Cuong – Head of Small and Medium Enterprises, Microsoft Vietnam, said: “With CSP and FastTrack, CSP port of CMC TS will connect directly to Microsoft service portal, thus, Microsoft has completely empowered CMC TS to actively provide technical support, negotiate and offer discounts directly to customers. This will bring the most flexibility, fastness and optimal for customers of CMC TS in Vietnam market. ”

With excellent ability of CMC TS in providing and deploying cloud computing solutions – services with Microsoft best global experience, this strategic cooperation relationship will help CMC TS and Microsoft offer really different solutions – services that meet the needs of business.

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