In Vietnam market, CMC TSSG is proud to be the most prestigious senior partner of Cisco with many certificates and outstanding achievements.

In today’s increasingly competitive market, customer experience is critical to business success.

Customer Experience is the total perception a customer has of their experience with a business throughout their purchase journey. The customer experience is personal and involves customer engagement at different levels (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual).

A good customer experience drives purchases and builds strong relationships between businesses and customers. However, to improve that experience, you first need to understand the real needs of your customers: what they want, what they like, what products they are usually interested in or their frequent channels of interaction, etc.

In line with that trend, from 2021, Cisco begins to build the “Customer Experience Specialization” (CES) program – a program with the goal of improving Customer Success (resource organization, process building, tools & development). open activities with customers). This is a mandatory requirement from the carrier for Gold Partners.

CMC TSSG was officially recognized and granted Customer Experience Specialization certificate on July 19.

After obtaining the CES certificate, CMC TSSG is confident to help customers get the greatest value from the Company’s products, services and solutions through strengthening the relationship with customers and accompanying them. at every stage of their journey


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