In the morning of August 30, 2019 at Caravelle Hotel Saigon, CMC TSSG in collaboration with Dell Technologies and VMware organized seminar “Modernization and super converged infrastructure architecture”. The seminar attracted more than 60 participants who were CIOs, Directors, IT Managers to explore and discuss technology solutions to enhance the flexibility of IT infrastructure architecture, simplify operational management and reduce risks for business.

Optimize your investment with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure on VxRail from Dell Technologies and VMware Cloud Foundation

Cloud technology and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) combination is an investment optimization solution that helps organizations easily achieve future goals. With integrated features from VMware technology, VxRail was created as a special solution for small and medium enterprises, as well as branches of large corporations. Choosing this super converged platform, customers will own a complete tool including servers, storage features, network infrastructure, cloud or centralized management. In other words, with just one device, business has all the tools in the hand.

In addition, VxRail also supplies high customization capabilities, allowing customers to customize and expand flexibly according to actual needs. Along with that is the ability to store unlimited cloud applications. Even customers can access 24/7 services on a global scale when owning VxRail super convergence system.

With experienced technology experts in advanced Dell Technologies and VMware solutions – products, CMC TSSG is confident in consulting and deploying Hyper-Converged Infrastructure solutions. CMC TSSG is Titatinum Partner of Dell Technologies and Premier Solutions Provider of VMware.


Manage all or part of IT infrastructure with IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services is a model of services that manage all or a part of IT infrastructure, not only supporting and handling errors and requirements of end users, but also managing servers, backups, networks, security security, storage … inside customer data centers and more advanced than providing business continuity service (Business Continuity Mgmt.) to ensure that all IT services operate throughout 24/7.

CMC TSSG has built 9 solution platforms, ensuring Pro-action (Prevention – troubleshooting before happening) and Re-action (Quick response – recovery in 1 hour) to help business maintain critical IT services with availability up to 99.95%. In addition, IT Managed Services helps businesses control input, output, logs and images of engineers not only for CMC TSSG, but also for businesses operating on their systems such as : access control systems, error detection systems … and report on the quality of operation of IT services.

(Mr.) To Duy Hinh – Head of IT Managed Services Department, CMC TSSG

Mr. To Duy Hinh – Head of IT Managed Services Department, CMC TSSG said: “With IT Managed Services, CMC TSSG will provide management, operation and technical support resources in part or in the whole of the infrastructure system. IT of the customer. The comprehensiveness of the service manifests itself from the provision of computers, servers, and servers during the operation to the end of the life cycle of the equipment, services and superiority, which helps customers create a new life cycle. adhere to business development objectives based on operational data of the current status of IT systems.

CMC TSSG is aiming to be a professional IT service provider for organizations and business, especially to become to lead the IT Managed Services in Vietnam.

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