Corona virus is not really controlled by any medical methods so far. But the only thing they can’t overcome, is the immune system. It is our resistance that is the most important weapon to keep us unharmed until the end of a pandemic. And fortunately, resistance is something we can prepare for ourselves.

As for the health of the IT system, Email is an important factor for any business or organization to compete and operate effectively. In most cases, it forms the backbone of all day-to-day operations of organizations. Over the years, taking advantage of loose security policies and sophisticated users, email has become a prime target for hackers. Nowadays email threats are far more dangerous due to their volume and complexity. SECURITY SYSTEM EMAIL is a solution for that issue.

At Cisco Vietnam office on February 18, 2020, CMC TSSG in collaboration with Cisco Vietnam organized “Cisco Email Security” seminar with over 20 customers attending via Webex.

Currently, CMC TSSG is Cisco Gold partner and plays a major role of Cisco’s partner in most business such as Networking, Collaboration and Security.

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