Using information systems to understand the market, customers and the business plays a very important role, especially in management, forecasting and business planning. However, important data and information are scattered on many different tools such as accounting software, human resources, document management … even ERP, in many different formats. These tools mainly focus on importing valid transactions, leading to the fact that businesses have to do a lot of collecting, statistical, processing external information … causing ineffective information management or lack of information when it comes to quick reporting.

CMC TSSG introduces the CMIS Management Information System

At the seminar ” Business Information Systems Management – Major changes from small steps” took place this morning, September 27, 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City, CMC Saigon Technology and Solutions Co., Ltd. ( CMC TSSG) introduced about the Management Information System – CMIS (CMC Management Information System) – a system that creates and provides information with the purpose of managing and improving business processes. It is a component-based system that provides the necessary data and information to management to support and enable them in the decision-making process.

The outstanding feature of CMIS is comprehensive quality management, including Financial management (setting up, forecasting, managing, measuring revenue – expenses); Human resource management (evaluation, classification, planning of resources in accordance with the goals) and Material Management (Knowledge Administration, administrative profession).

Mr. Dang The Tai – General Director of CMC TSSG introduces CMIS Management Information System

CMIS allows control of the entire business process based on the Case Code – an information concept chosen as the backbone of the system, all relevant modules and provides all information for business. Based on the Datamining architecture layer, the system is capable of integrating with other applications through data connection protocols, retrieving all information related to the business situation, giving a picture of information data in a visual way. With built-in datamining architecture according to administrative criteria, CMIS system allows separate transaction processing data layer and report retrieval data layer, ensuring reporting retrieval time is separate and not affect updating user data. This allows data reported on CMIS to be accessed a lot faster.

CMIS is a comprehensive information system capable of distributing information to the right audience. Information is managed and early alerted according to the organization’s rules. This system consists of multiple workloads. CMIS links transactions according to the company’s cash flow, describing the picture of resources and financial resources of the enterprise, identifying the existing financial capacity of the enterprise, bringing cost returns in essence, thereby improving and financial analysis for KPI.

CMIS was created by CMC TSSG, successfully registered copyright, developed packaging to commercialize the market, and performed parameterization to flexibly meet all types of business. Currently, CMC TSSG has been deploying CMIS for a number of manufacturing and distribution businesses. CMIS won the award “Promising and Innovative IT Solution” in the Vietnam Top ICT Awards 2017.

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