On September 9, 2022, CMC Saigon Solutions and Technology Company Limited (CMC TSSG) announced the deployment of a Data Warehouse system for Rong Viet Securities Joint Stock Company. The system will be consulted and implemented by CMC TSSG in 8 months based on IBM’s Data and AI technology platform.

The kick-off ceremony of the Data Warehouse system construction project was solemnly held at Rong Viet’s Head Office with the participation of the Board of Directors and members of the Project Board from CMC TSSG, Securities Company. Rong Viet and the leader of IBM Vietnam. With this key project, Rong Viet becomes one of the enterprises in the securities industry in Vietnam that applies the Data Warehouse system in management and administration.


Taking on the role of consulting partner to develop Data Warehouse system at Rong Viet, Mr. Pham Van Trung – General Director of CMC TSSG said: “The foundation of all digital transformation is using data to maximize the use of data. process optimization, user experience optimization, and even business model transformation. During the past 29 years, the team of CMC TSSG has experienced in implementing many projects related to data construction and gradually matured through each project. For Rong Viet, CMC TSSG is committed to investing in the most suitable and knowledgeable members about data solutions to bring the expected results.”

A Data Warehouse or enterprise data warehouse is a system used for reporting and data analysis, seen as a core component of business intelligence with integrated data collection capabilities from multiple sources. different. With Data Warehouse, businesses can predict market trends, predict customer needs, analyze benefits in each business decision to optimize costs and break through revenue.


Data Warehouse can integrate data into one source, the same format, to meet all information needs, thereby helping businesses save time and increase data search efficiency. The standardized data source will help managers and leaders make reasonable, quick and effective decisions.

Appreciating the importance of technology application, Rong Viet decided to cooperate with CMC TSSG to build a Data Warehouse system. Mr. Nguyen Mien Tuan – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rong Viet Securities Joint Stock Company – shared his high expectations for this cooperation: “With the business strategy for the period 2021-2025 based on the Comprehensive digital transformation, Rong Viet Board of Directors initiated and approved more than 20 digital initiatives, focusing on 4 groups: (1) Operational optimization; (2) Increase customer experience; (3) Development of Application Systems, Business and Business Platforms; (4) Development of Technology Infrastructure – including the project of Building a Comprehensive Data Platform (Data Warehouse). We hope that in the process of implementing the upcoming project, CMC TSSG and IBM Vietnam will focus their resources and coordinate with Rong Viet’s Project Board in the best way to bring about the desired effect, meet the needs of customers. development needs of Rong Viet in the future.”



The Data Warehouse system jointly deployed by CMC TSSG and IBM will provide a database for Rong Viet to calculate and analyze information from general to detailed and build reports from a centralized data source. Through the Data Warehouse, the data source is not fragmented and disjointed, but concentrated on one term, one form to make it easier to work with. Data Warehouse provides a data environment for managers and leaders of Rong Viet, thereby making strategic decisions for businesses, orienting the right customers, the right products at the right time, bringing Rong Viet to the next level. new heights with new markets and customer segments.

“IBM is honored to accompany this key project of Rong Viet. Building a sustainable data system in the process of administration and operation is an important first step towards digital transformation and the application of new technologies in the future. Hopefully, with the advice of IBM and CMC TSSG, we will achieve success and reach the goal of Rong Viet,” said Ms. Pham Thi Thu Diep – General Director of IBM Vietnam.


Mr. Lam Truong Phong – Director of Information Technology Center and Head of Data Warehouse Project Department of Rong Viet also shared about the development roadmap of the project: “This is an important project and is the foundation for all of us. the whole later system of Rong Viet. The project is implemented with the goal of building a comprehensive data warehouse; provide information for administration and executives; support for fast, accurate and flexible processing of reports; at the same time building a strong data foundation to meet future growth. Total implementation time is 8 months including support period after putting into operation.”


Building a Data Warehouse system is an inevitable trend in the process of digital transformation and development. That helps businesses to be better prepared and more proactive in business strategies, improve competitiveness, and keep pace with the changing speed of Vietnam in particular and the world in general. CMC TSSG is proud to be the leader in providing solutions and building a Data Warehouse system in Vietnam, helping businesses implement comprehensive digital transformation, optimize operations and improve management capacity. .


CMC TS is a leading enterprise providing consulting services, implementing digital transformation solutions and comprehensive corporate governance. We are proud to continuously maintain the highest position and obtain advanced certificates of many big technology companies for many years such as Samsung SDS, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Google, etc. the most advanced technology to customers. Besides, CMC TS also owns two network security centers (SOCs) in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with international standard security service quality. At the same time, CMC TS focuses on investing in research and development, aiming to build an ecosystem of interactive technology products in 5 areas: Internet of Things – smart devices (Internet of Things/Smart – Devices) ), Big Data (Bigdata), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Records (Datalake) and Chain Technology – Information Security (Blockchain – Security).

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