CMC TSSG x IBM: “SECURITY Roundtable” Seminar

On this morning (Thursday, February 23, 2023), at Le Meridien Saigon luxury hotel, the first seminar of the Year of the Rabbit with the theme “Security Roundtable” was jointly organized by CMC TSSG and IBM. organization, took place successfully and attracted nearly 60 guests who are managers to participate.

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The seminar had the special presence of speakers who are experienced experts in the field of information security, including: Mr. Yong Tae Kim – Security leader (IBM ASENAZK), Mr. Shaibal Saha – APAC Digital Trust Leader (IBM Security), Ms. Jamie Tan – Security Technical Specialist (IBM Technology, Singapore), Mr. Nguyen Khanh Luong – Technical consultant (IBM Security IBM Vietnam), and Mr. Dinh Hoang Hai – SOC Team Leader (CMC TSSG).


At the seminar, the guests listened to the information security experts of IBM and CMCC TSSG share their visions, challenges and success stories when implementing a modern information security system, capable of providing provides in-depth and situation-specific aggregate information, AI-powered and automated. In particular, the seminar mentioned the most advanced security solutions and services today, such as CMC SOC, IBM SOAR, IBM EDR ReaQta, IBM Security Verify and Zero Trust IAM. This provides customers with a more intuitive view of security and how to deal with potential cyber threats.
“CMC has partnered with IBM to create a modern and comprehensive SOC system to meet the rigorous requirements and real needs of customers. Our SOC system uses advanced IBM technologies such as IBM Qradar SIEM, Watson AI, IBM SOAR, IBM TI X-Force Exchange. At the same time, constantly improving to personalize the experience of each customer when using. CMC’s SOC Center is built with modern technology with many models, giving customers many different choices. Currently, CMC is providing services for two models: SOC-as-a-service and Hybrid model”, said Mr. Dinh Hoang Hai – SOC team leader from CMC TSSG.


The discussion session was lively with questions related to CMC SOC services and IBM’s security solutions, and spent time consulting based on the specific situation that businesses are facing

The world is gradually “digitizing”, the usual rules and working environment are gradually replaced by new, more convenient models. However, any form of work has certain risks, especially the risk of potential “attacks” in cyberspace. Therefore, security is an indispensable task of businesses if they want to develop sustainably and long term.

CMC TS Saigon is proud to be a leading enterprise providing consulting services, implementing digital transformation solutions and comprehensive corporate governance, especially in terms of security. We are honored to continuously maintain the highest position and obtain advanced certificates of many big technology companies for many years such as Samsung SDS, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Google, etc. the most advanced technology to customers. Besides, CMC TS also owns two network security centers (SOCs) in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with international standard security service quality. At the same time, focus on investing in research and development, aiming to build an ecosystem of interactive technology products in 5 areas: Internet of Things – smart devices (Internet of Things/Smart – Devices), Data Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Lake and Chain Technology – Information Security (Blockchain – Security).

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