On May 4, 2018, at CMC Tower, CMIS Signing Ceremony for CMC Manufacturing and Trading Company (CMC P&T) took place. The event was attended by Mr. Dang The Tai – General Director of CMC SISG, Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Hai – General Director of CMC P&T and representatives of Project tean of from companies.

CMIS is Management Information System that works under a unique key on the system is the case code. The information is generated from the business opportunity to the warranty, project closing, catering to all objects from employees, management levels to leadership levels. In addition, CMIS also has the ability to exchange information with external applications such as accounting, purchasing, warehousing, CRM, etc. through the Datamining class. In other words, CMIS is a system that includes people, equipment, information data and management / organization procedures to provide necessary and accurate information to manager to make decision.

(Mr.) Dang The Tai (Black Vest) and (Mr.) Nguyen Phuoc Hai (White Vest) handshake for the signing ceremony

CMC SISG will deploy CMIS for CMC P&T within 14 months, scheduled to end in July 2019. The project is divided into 3 phases: Phase 1 is the POC and the administrative processes; In Phase 2, CMC SISG will consult on standardization of the operating process for CMC P&T and In Phase 3, CMC SISG will deploy the CMIS system. CMC SISG will implement administrative, business, technical and inspection processes, control and integrate with other systems such as Accounting, Services Desk and CeAc …

Once completed, CMC P&T will manage information and business processes more effectively, while cutting costs with financial information, enabling businesses to change their preferences. respond quickly to all changes in the external business environment – or change internal resources, help leaders in financial management, help employees improve productivity.

Mr. Dang The Tai – General Director of CMC SISG shared: “Currently, CMC SISG is a leader in capturing the needs of business. Other enterprises can adapt CMIS. because any enterprise has 3 factors: Finance – Human Resources – Physical Resources. After more than 6 years in use, CMIS was originally just a small, rudimentary system, has now become a system to hold the soul of CMC SISG. We have created CMIS, successfully registered the copyright, applied and implemented the results at our own company as well as many other companies. Today, it is really an honor to be trusted by CMC P&T “brother” for CMC SISG to provide and deploy this solution. CMC SISG is committed to working closely with CMC P&T to implement the project successfully in order to achieve the set goals.”

It is known that in September 2017, CMIS won the award “Promising and Innovative IT Solution” in the Vietnam Top ICT Awards 2017.

For more consultation on CMIS, please contact: info@sg.cmc.com.vn or (84-28) 3 833 0579

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