On the afternoon of December 22, 2022, a representative of Rong Viet Securities Company had a visit to CMC Data Center Tan Thuan and SOC Cybersecurity Monitoring Center.

On the side of Rong Viet Securities Company, there were Mr. Nguyen Chi Trung – a member of the Board of Directors and Mr. Lam Truong Phong – Director of the IT Center and other associates who are important members of the IT department.



The meeting took place at the representative office of CMC TSSG, where Mr. Pham Van Trung – General Director of CMC TSSG – summarized the development picture of the company in the past year, and emphasized Strong on future development goals: “In 2022, CMC TSSG has made significant growth steps in both revenue and profit. In the near future, CMC TSSG will focus more on current technology trends such as API, RPA, Cloud, etc. At the same time, continue to invest heavily in key services and solutions such as Data Warehouse, SOC,…”


Next, the Viet Dragon delegation also spent time visiting the SOC Cyber Security Monitoring Center and listened to Ms. Phan Thi Mai Linh – Head of Security Services Department – share an overview of how to operate, monitor, security capabilities and practical benefits that CMC SOC As a Service brings.

In addition, the Viet Dragon delegation also visited CMC Data Center Tan Thuan. CMC TSSG is proud to introduce to the representative of Rong Viet Securities Company this is the most modern and secure data center in Vietnam and Southeast Asia today. The center is designed to comply with the most rigorous standards such as PCI DSS, ISO 27001: 2013 / ISO 9001: 2015. This is also the pioneer Data Center in Vietnam with TVRA risk assessment and Uptime Tier III certificate for construction.

At the end of the exchange, the Viet Dragon delegation expressed their respect and expectation for the upcoming good cooperation, and expressed their confidence in the service quality of CMC TSSG as well as the desire to expand the relationship. future cooperation system through the implementation of new projects.


Currently, CMC TSSG and Rong Viet Securities Joint Stock Company are cooperating to build a comprehensive Data Warehouse system. The system was consulted and implemented by CMC TSSG in 8 months based on IBM’s Data and AI technology platform. The scope of the project includes about 10 data sources and 16 processing processes, the total implementation time is 8 months including 3 months of support after going into official operation (go-live).

The Data Lake system jointly deployed by CMC TSSG and IBM will provide RongViet with applications to calculate and analyze information from general to detailed and build reports from a centralized data source. Through the Data Warehouse, the data source is not fragmented and disjointed, but concentrated on one term, one form to make it easier to work with. Data Warehouse provides a data environment for managers and leaders of Rong Viet, thereby making strategic decisions for businesses, orienting the right customers, the right products at the right time, bringing Rong Viet to the next level. new heights with new markets and customer segments.


CMC TSSG is a leading enterprise providing consulting services, implementing digital transformation solutions and comprehensive corporate governance. We are proud to continuously maintain the highest position and obtain advanced certificates of many big technology companies for many years such as Samsung SDS, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Google, etc. the most advanced technology to customers. With nearly 30 years of experience and a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers in the industry, we can certainly bring customers the best service and experience. CMC TSSG is always customer-centric, ready to accompany businesses from the first steps, helping businesses get the most solid stepping stone on the development journey.


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