On the afternoon of November 30, 2022, CMC Saigon Solutions and Technology Company (CMC TSSG) had the honor to welcome a delegation of Motul Group (France) to visit the representative office at CMC Creative Space, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. The event marked the close relationship between CMC TSSG and partner Motul.


On the partner side, there were the participation of Mr. Matthieu Blin – Director of Information Technology, Mr. Catur Wibowo Moedjihandoko – School of IT Division Asia, Mr. Trinh Tich Chau – Regional IT Manager, and Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hong – IT Infrastructure Team Leader.

At the meeting, the representative of CMC TSSG, Mr. Pham Van Trung – General Director of the Company – warmly welcomed, and at the same time had a deep exchange about the vision as well as the spirit of willingness to cooperate and develop together in the future. upcoming project. Mr. Trung shared: “We are very honored to be selected by Motul as a partner to deploy the authorized service. With nearly 30 years of practical experience in large projects and a team of dedicated engineers, CMC TSSG will surely bring the best and most dedicated service. CMC TSSG believes that this cooperation will also be a lever for new cooperation opportunities in the future, contributing to the sustainable development over hundreds of years of Motul.”


Next, experts of CMC TSSG also introduced to partners services and solutions suitable to Motul’s current operating situation. Mr. Tran Duong Thien Chi – Team Leader of On-Cloud System Services said: “The service that CMC TSSG cooperates with Motul focuses on two main areas: IT infrastructure care and customer support services. end use. After the system integration is complete, CMC TSSG will provide Motul’s System Administration Service on all three environments: On-Premises – Hybrid – Cloud.”

In addition, Ms. Phan Thi Mai Linh – Head of Security Services Department – also took time to share in-depth about the Cybersecurity Monitoring Authorization Service (CMC SOC As a Service) – one of the key services and important role of CMC TSSG, and at the same time answer questions from partners about the implementation process as well as the practical benefits that the service brings.

Besides, the Motul delegation also spent time visiting the office of CMC TSSG and the Cybersecurity Monitoring Center (SOC).


At the end of the exchange, the Motul representative expressed his respect and expectation for the upcoming good cooperation, and expressed his confidence in the service quality of CMC TSSG as well as the desire to expand the relationship. future cooperation.

CMC TS Saigon is proud to be a leading enterprise providing consulting services, implementing digital transformation solutions and comprehensive corporate governance. We are honored to continuously maintain the highest position and obtain advanced certificates of many big technology companies for many years such as Samsung SDS, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Google, etc. the most advanced technology to customers. Besides, CMC TS also owns two Cybersecurity Monitoring Centers (SOCs) in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with international standard security service quality. At the same time, focus on investing in research and development


to build an ecosystem of interactive technology products in 5 areas: Internet of Things – smart devices (Internet of Things/Smart – Devices), Big Data (Bigdata), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Datalake and Chain Technology – Information Security (Blockchain – Security).


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