On the afternoon of May 29, FY19 Closing Ceremony & CMC TSSG Awards took place with the participation of Mr. Dang The Tai – CEO, Mr. Pham Van Trung – COO of CMC TSSG and personel of CMC TSSG.


CMC TSSG AWARDS to acknowledge outstanding or excellent individuals and departments that did their best during the last year. This is an opportunity for CMC TSSG to honor and reward for the great and hard work of personel to successfully complete the assigned missions, contribute to the overall development of the CMC Corporation and of CMC TSSG in the past year.

Mr. Dang The Tai presenting during the ceremony

During the ceremony, Board of Directors shared about the fiscal year 2019, the company has achieved many memorable milestones. This is the result of the continuous contributions and efforts of all the teams and individuals in the company. Let’s look back at the past in FY19 and continue towards the goals for FY20, together we continue to make greater efforts to achieve better success in the future.


The CMC TSSG Awards FY19 awards are divided into 4 categories:

🏅Outstanding Individual of the year (27 individuals)

🏅Excellent Individual of the year (11 individuals)

🏅Outstanding Department of the year (06 departments)

🏅Excellent Department of the year (04 departments)


Outstanding Individuals of the year 2019

Outstanding Individuals of the year 2019

Excellent Individuals of the year 2019

Some departments have achieved Outstanding – Excellent Department Awards of the year

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Thao with The Best Racer Awards

The Best Racing Team Awards

10 and 15 Year Dedication Awards of CMC Corporation

The program went well with valuable sharing from Board of Directors and a solemn honor for individuals and departments that have made great efforts last year. Party ended with lucky draws game and exciting performances from CMC people who “work hard, play hard”. This contributes to energizing all employees of CMC TSSG after a year of hard work.

Other moments of the ceremony

Board of Director made a toast for success and effort that have been achieved

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