In addition to the exciting cultural activities to celebrate CMC SISG 7th birthday, to re-appointment, as a typical cultural feature, promoting the spirit of “Good leaves cover torn leaves”, CMC SISG does not forget to devote our heart to the community, especially the lonely or abandoned.

So on Saturday morning, August 18, 2018, despite the stormy weather in Saigon, CMC SISG charity car named “Giving happiness, sending love” has officially rolled and head to May Ngan Shelter – Cam Phong Pagoda, National Road 22B, Cam Giang, Go Dau, Tay Ninh. It is conceiving and nurturing 77 children (aged from birth to 18 years old) and 143 elderly people (including the disabled, partially disabled, elderly, weak …)

Stick to the spirit of TOGETHER, WE CAN ! after 10 days of launching, Our CMC SISG People has contributed VND 75,843,000 and 200 kg of rice. CMC SISG has prepared 217 gifts, 10 boxes of instant noodles, 500 kg of rice and 55 million VND in cash to give to the shelter.

During the past 7 years, the loving car of CMC SISG has been rolling to many difficult lives in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces such as: Lam Quang Pagoda – Ho Chi Minh City; Thien Duyen – Cu Chi home; Dieu Phap Pagoda – Dong Nai; Children’s Hospital I; Tran Hung Dao – Dong Nai junior high school ethnicity … Participate in the “Back to school” programs; “Sharing rotation” of YBA HCMC; “Border Spring – New Year’s Island” by YBA Vietnam. May Ngan Shelter is one of many activities for the community of CMC SISG, with the hope of contributing a small part of itself, helping and helping life is still difficult in society.

Mr. Pham Van Trung – Deputy General Director, CMC SISG and more than 25 employees representing the company participated in the charity trip

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