On the morning of September 29, 2022, at Novotel hotel, a seminar “Modernizing infrastructure with Microsoft Azure and VMware” was co-organized by CMC TSSG, Microsoft and VMware Vietnam. Despite facing many obstacles in terms of weather, the seminar was extremely successful and exciting with the participation of more than 80 businesses who are partners and customers of CMC TSSG. On the partner side, there was the participation of Mr. Pham Duc Phong – Solution consultant of VMware Vietnam. Representative of CMC TSSG was attended by Mr. Nguyen Quan Thinh – Consultant.


The focus of this conference revolves around the story of the cloud and related solutions, especially Microsoft Azure. Hybrid cloud with the ability to meet a variety of needs, cost-effectiveness, and optimization of operations will be a great choice for businesses in the digital age.


hội thảo “Hiện đại hóa hạ tầng cùng Microsoft Azure và VMware”

At the seminar, the consultant solution of CMC TSSG, Mr. Nguyen Quan Thinh, painted an overall picture of the actual “clouding” process, helping businesses have an overview from the beginning. cloud” until commissioning, as well as an in-depth introduction to the Microsoft Azure solution: “Microsoft Azure is a proven solution in the market thanks to its wide and well-known customer base. In the long run, the Azure cloud has many advantages, especially policies and procedures to optimize operations and costs. When your business has a specific plan for “going to the cloud”, and at the same time, through the specialized inspection process from Microsoft and CMC TSSG, you will be able to limit risks and operate more efficiently. Besides, properly focus on the target of use, thereby saving costs for businesses. “Going to the cloud” is currently a trend and is very popular in the digital age, “CMC TSSG” owns a team of experienced personnel who are always ready to support businesses to “go to the cloud” when needed.


Mr. Pham Duc Phong – solution consultant of VMware Vietnam also shared about the difficulties and challenges when “going to the cloud”: “Two of the difficulties that customers often face is the problem of moving to the cloud. change and security needs. When migrating infrastructure from an on-premise environment to the cloud, there will be changes related to configuration, backup, and recovery, causing the transition to slow down. VMware currently has a lot of “cross-cloud” services related to infrastructure, cloud management, networks, … and can run on many platforms. Especially Azure VMware Solution (AVS) – the solution that VMware combines with Microsoft.”



Besides, in order to support businesses with the need to “go to the cloud”, CMC TSSG has also launched many attractive promotions throughout from now until the end of December 2022, especially about the  Azure Cloud solution.

In addition, experts also answer customers’ questions about “cases” of cloud application in practice and ways to reduce costs when businesses start to “move house to the cloud”.



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