On the evening of November 2, 2022, the seminar with the theme “Open API – Opening up new business opportunities” was successfully held at Elisa Chinese Restaurant. The seminar was jointly organized by CMC TSSG and MuleSoft with the participation of 20 special guests who are Directors and Managers from units in the finance – banking – securities industry.

The seminar “Open API – Opening up new business opportunities” revolved around useful sharing about the trend of digital transformation in the era of technology, with a focus on Open Banking and interface applications. open programming (Open API).


Through impressive numbers about the power of Open API in the market, Mr. Mai Manh Ha – Solution Consultant of CMC TSSG – has drawn a full picture of Open Banking today: “Open API has support a lot for businesses, especially during the outbreak of the pandemic. Open APIs (Open API) allow the creation of open banking (Open Banking) and bring many significant benefits to users. Open API not only helps banks easily connect and accelerate digital transformation, but also contributes to reducing costs, optimizing services, reducing time spent on transactions, facilitating data analysis. whether the customer. Thereby increasing product utility and revenue for businesses.”


Also in the seminar, Ms. Rika Ng – Solution Engineer of Mulesoft also had in-depth sharing about Open API – the trend in the 4.0 era: “The core focus of payment modernization is the ability to integration capabilities. APIs allow businesses to proactively handle complex processes such as routing, authentication, anti-money laundering rules, etc., and other payment-related processes. MuleSoft’s extensible platform is capable of monitoring APIs to help businesses manage failed processes, such as account authentication, troubleshooting, and more, while providing visibility from the ground up. to the end on the entire payment pipeline to fix failed payments.”


During the discussion session, experts answered customers’ questions about optimizing benefits when applying APIs in practice, and gave illustrative examples of actual projects implemented. to give customers a more intuitive view.

As a strategic partner of many famous technology companies in the world with a wealth of real-world experience, more than anyone else, CMC TSSG understands the needs of businesses and is ready to accompany businesses on their digital transformation journey. .



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