Sharing on the topic “Management Principle 1%” in Leader Talk # 03, Mr. Dang The Tai provided many interesting views to CMC staff. In addition, the audience was very excited with the lesson of stepping out of the safe zone to always challenge himself.

Learning by yourself and sharing knowledge are keys to become better

The Leader Talk of speaker Dang The Tai took place on January 25 in Hanoi. At the end of the third quarter of fiscal year, the work was chaotic but CMC staffs still attended a lot, everyone expected this famous speaker to bring many interesting stories. Not to disappoint people, Mr. Tai spoke for 3 hours without stopping and many key words were quickly recorded in young notebooks.

At the beginning of the story, Mr. Tai recalls his new days back to Vietnam after 14 years of studying and experiencing Western culture. He chose CMC Saigon because he did not want to start a business in Hanoi nor work a state-owned company and foreign enterprises. Huge expectation in a young private enterprise and a desire to make “many FPT” for Vietnam but Mr. Tai is still disappointed: “CMC is full of a typical Vietnamese company. What makes me particularly uncomfortable is that many people keep their own knowledge. That is the reason why cannot move forward, ”he shared.

In Russia, Mr. Tai used to build a technical document sharing site with self-pay cost of up to thousands of USD per month and the sharing culture is highly appreciated. The first thing Mr. Tai did for CMC is an online library to share knowledge. He asserted: “People learn the most when teaching and sharing to others.”

Appreciate academic background, when he is a leader, Mr. Tai always encourages employees to learn and share knowledge. CMC SISG is still famous as the place where employees are most trained, even in difficult companies, they are still willing to pay one month’s salary for one employee to go to school. Mr. Tai allows staff to study meditation, I Ching, psychology, etc. in addition to learning professional skills to have a comfortable mindset and work better.

Try – Fail – Fix

At CMC SISG, the highest priority is creativity. To be creative, the CEO said that we must not be afraid of wrong and afraid of failure as long as we have to control failure within safety. The slogan Mr. Tai often repeats is “Do it quick, try it quick, fix it fast” and “when there is perfectionist, there will be no creativity”. Thanks to the “open” view of Mr. Tai, SISG employees always dare to make new, good things and dare to make mistakes.

From the creative lesson, Mr. Tai also brings a talk about how to be successful. “Success is only achieved when people know how to set goals, 100% of success is achieved with the right goal. Once there is a goal, we will devise hundreds of methods to achieve that goal ”Tai said, prompting the audience to applaud.

SISG CEO also encourages people to bravely challenge themselves. He said, everyone likes being in a pleasant area but only being creative and having success when they dare step foot into an uncomfortable area. When we dare to step in, we will turn the uncomfortable area into a pleasant area. To encourage employees to dare to step, Mr. Tai repeatedly said: “You just do it, send me in charge” or “I believe you can do it”. Those words gave his employees the motivation to confidently step into the uncomfortable area and still feel secure if they always have support.

Human is the foundation for business

Each content during the conversation of CEO Dang The Tai always returns to people. To him, people are a key factor, a foundation for businesses. He came back to the story when he accepted the position which was said to be very challenging: “I am a technical person, not good at doing business, do not know much about the market so I have to study gradually. At this moment, I put the faith and effort above all in the development of human resources. People will be a solid foundation for business to grow ”.

In addition to sending employees to school, he also pays great attention to small things like buying flowers for women on holidays, caring for young employees who just come in by “giving them really stressful things, pretending to be like not monitoring but ready to support when needed”. In CMC SISG, employer’s benefits are formed from employee’s benefits. Even in the most difficult time for SISG, negative revenue, Mr. Tai is still willing to spend more than 2 billion per year to rent a new office, creating an open space for employees to experience the democratic environment and have conditions to coordinate to get good results. In the role of CEO, Mr. Tai can take a week off to go to meditation but operation still goes smoothly and if there are only a few million expenses which affect the staff he still resolves. He is also willing to assign jobs to the staff to ensure everyone has tasks. He also never asked employees to do things that need 5 days to complete but must be completed in 1 day as it is unreasonable.

With this CEO, the success of the manager is to do only 1% of the work, doing the things that are really needed. “The rewards for managers are not salaries but the success of the employees. I am proud that I have trained good staff. Sometimes at work, don’t go into reason and forget about motivating employees, ”he said.

Willing to face the harsh truth but not lose faith

Mr. Tai’s journey of more than 12 years together with CMC SISG has never been so rough. Starting at a time when SISG seemed to collapse because the former CEO and many mid manager quit their jobs. Until now, the company continues to change its administration system. However, Mr. Tai affirmed that SISG and employees are getting more and more mature because: “We are ready to face the harsh truth but not lose faith”.

Mr. Tai often trains employees’ skills by forcing them to debate. “There are things that I like but still do not say so you have to debate and protect your enthusiasm. Thereby, I will evaluate the amount of effort you put into your products ”. He also reminded young people in the conversation: “Do not lose faith, because sometimes the boss said wrong does not mean wrong, the boss said it’s not good doesn’t mean to stop. Dare to think, dare to do. There is no circumstances without a way out. It is positive or negative because of the way you think not because of the external environment ”.

From the story of himself, one does not know about business, customer care or marketing but must rush to self-study, read to know and manage employees. Mr. Tai also reminded other managers in the talk: “Being a manager, there is nothing you cannot do, do not or should not do. You are able to do all ”is the belief of Mr. Tai.

It is not only a story about business management but also how to manage goals, manage yourself and more than the spirit of constantly challenging yourself and moving out of the comfort zone.


Leader talk is a series of programs organized by the Center for Human Resource Development (RDC). There have been 3 talks held at CMC Corp so far. The content of the sharing sessions is based on two main objectives. Leading by teaching, Leaders will share how to convey the core values, organizational spirit to employees. Learning by teaching objectives through learning activities, leaders also develop themselves, perfect their skills, listen to practical problems from many levels. each other in the business.

Through the talks, senior leaders have brought many interesting stories, useful knowledge for CMC staff. In the future, the series will continue to be held at CMC. To be more interesting, the RDC Center will diversify its form, in addition to sharing / giving lectures, there will be more talks of Leaders sharing and listening to the voice of employees.


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