CMC SISG people often compare that, he is a dexterous “So-man” (as in showman) and have trained many great managers for the company and he humbly thinks that he is predestined to his work.

He is Truong Thai Viet So – Sales Manager of SMB – who is directly managing many young sales in CMC SISG.

Q: As a SMB Sales Manager of CMC SISG, can you share your group’s outstanding achievements in 2017?

Mr. So: In the 2017 fiscal year, the group surpassed the target assigned to the department with KRI at 111% and continued to grow rapidly by 35% in revenue compared to the same quarter of 2016. Our team was honored to receive the Outstanding Division award of CMC SISG and CMC Corp 02 years in a row. In the pass, our Division had had 5 consecutive years exceeding the targets assigned by the Company, especially in the fiscal year 2016 with KRI department reaching nearly 300%.

Q: Many people at CMC SISG said that you are famous as a dexterous “so-man” that have trained many managers CMC SISG, what do you think about this?

Mr. So: Thanks for the encouragement. I think I am predestined to CMC SISG. To be honest, for many years I was forced to transfer my good players to the company. The most fortunate is that Mr. Dang The Tai – CEO of CMC SISG always shared, encouraged and believed in me so I also dared to take up the challenge.

Every time I make a decision to appoint my staff to be the manager of another team, I’m glad that they have the opportunity to experience and challenge themselves at a new level. In addition, it also proves that besides personal ability, they have learned and grown a lot when working in a team.

Q: Directly managing many young Sales of the company and developing you into hard Sales, what is the secret for you to fulfill this task?

Mr. So: I think that the most important thing is to motivate and together with them to set clear goals and take action, fix mistakes and change methods to make it better, but need to verify and change continuously. I am proud because they are young Sales that have enthusiasm and are suitable with the assigned market.

Q: A manager wants to get good work results for the team, what are the factors and competencies?

Mr. So: I think that the manager first needs to have a clear strategy and action, connect with the Company’s strategy. Not only that, they also need to share and care as much as possible for each of their employees. Another important factor is the ability to listen, especially to employees. I have learned a lot from my employees. In terms of character, the manager should be happy, sociable but need to be assertive and disciplined when necessary. In CMC Corp, managers need to know the process to make the connection with the relevant departments most flexible.

Q: Specifically, in your department, how did you assign jobs to people, motivate them so that employees can promote their full capabilities?

Anh Trương Thái Việt Sô cùng các nhân viên của mình (P.Kinh doanh Commercial)

Mr. So: Firstly, I always share the development direction of the group clearly and transparently. Then, based on personalities and strengths of each person, I will assign each employee different tasks and ways to make the most suitable for you to develop your strengths. In particular, I always evaluate the results monthly, quarterly to see the suitability and feasibility of each of you to adjust in time. The process is to think and then do, if wrong then correct and redo until it becomes good.

Q: What are your plans and goals for the whole group in fiscal year 2018?

Mr. So: My plan is to train, increase the ability to match with a group of low senior employees in the department to catch the same rhythm and restructure personnel. The overall goal is to achieve 120% of the target so that the department has a chance to be honored for 3 consecutive years.

Reporter: Thank you very much. I wish you and the team will achieve the plan in fiscal 2018!

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