In the evening of January 18, 2019 at Cam Chuong Restaurant – Van Thanh Tourist Site, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, CMC SISG organized the New Year’s New Year Program with the participation of more than 500 CMC SISG people with their family.

The program organized by CMC SISG Union includes a special performance and more than 100 lucky draw prizes. The program is one of the gifts in early spring of the new year that CMC SISG Board of Directors sends to all employees and their families.

Sharing at the program, Mr. Dang The Tai – CEO of CMC SISG said: “In the transition atmosphere between the old year and the new year, on behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to send my deepest thanks to every CMC SISG persion that has devoted efforts throughout the last year. At the same time, please send our gratitude to your family, for always supporting and understanding the times when everyone is away on business trips, receiving late-night guests, long-term projects … It is the companion of relatives for CMC SISG employees is one of the solid foundations for CMC SISG to continue to grow. ”

In addition, from January 22 to January 24, 2019, the CMC SISG Union will send to the CMC SISG employees and family members Tet gifts instead of deep gratitude with great wishes that CMC SISG family will welcome a warmer and happier Tet holiday.

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