From May 18-21, nearly 2000 representatives of 2500 members of CMC Corporation gathered at FLC Sam Son to celebrate the CMC 25th birthday anniversary. With the theme of CMC Future Next, the program has raised CMC pride and the desire to take CMC to new heights.

The series of activities to celebrate the 25th anniversary of CMC have been launched  2 months in advance with 10 events and a focus of 3 days gathering at FLC Sam Son. All CMC people participated in the final round activities spent two memorable nights: CMC Awards Ceremony and Future Night. Those “people of the past” who have made many contributions but no longer work at CMC, are also invited to share this historic moment.

CMC SISG delegation consists of 237 employees gathered at FLC Sam Son

The “CMC Awards” Ceremony took place on the evening of May 18 at the two largest FLC halls. The theme program “Dream For Future” consists of 3 chapters: We have Dreams, Journey of Dreams and Touch the Dream that recalled History of 25 years of establishment and development of CMC. CMC Chairman talked about the aspiration of 25 years ago, the dream of a strong technology industry of Vietnam to move the country forward. “To create the future, it must start from dreams” – Mr. Nguyen Trung Chinh shared.

Journey of dreams” is a respectful honor to the people who have made the success of Corp for 25 years and promises to bring a good future. A special category of honor is given to the originators who have created a piece of history for the big picture of CMC, people who accompanied CMC to the position of the leading technology corporation in Vietnam and those who just joined the CMC, bringing new winds and flourishes for CMC. These are 25 typical people, representing 25 years of CMC’s formation, development and future, marking the aspiring dreams of sublimation.

At the CMC Awards Ceremony, the final repertoires of Talent for future contest were also performed by employees of 12 member of the CMC Corp. The performances are staged according to the new and very technological trend such as Water Drum Dance, Hip Hop Dance with laser lights … have shown the talents of the CMC people in the field of culture.

“From Saigon with love” by CMC SISG won the third prize of Talent for Future Contest

The Future Night takes place on the evening of May 19, starting with the ceremony to create an energetic future. Chairman and CEO Nguyen Trung Chinh of the entire Board of Directors, dressed in astronaut costumes, launched the spacecraft together into the future. The leadership of the company, together with the gathering of energy from all employees in the group through thousands of letters to the descendants 25 years later, created an overall power to push the ship up in countless places in firework lights, symbolizing a brilliant future for CMC. This is the result of the Idea For Future creative contest launched two months ago.

The opening ceremony of the future opened up with hypnotic EDM music. Young generation of CMC is immersed in the top hits of famous bands and singers such as SlimV, DJ Ngoc Nga, singer Giang Hong Ngoc, singer ST, The Girls and Xkey Band.

For sports activities, in addition to traditional subjects such as football, tennis, golf … then 25 years CMC also has more CMC Half Marathon – Run for future. The tournament gathered more than 1000 runners divided into 3 distances, the longest distance was 25 km, symbolizing 25 years of CMC.

Chairman and CEO Nguyen Trung Chinh and the entire Board of Directors participated in the run, from a distance of 2.5 to 10km. He said that the CMC Half Marathon has brought him a new vitality, an abundant energy source like the age of 20.

In addition to these three activities, the 25-year program of founding CMC also includes a series of other sports tournaments such as Tennis for Future, Football for Future, Golf for Future, Talent for Future, Idea for Future, etc. All received the enthusiastic and enthusiastic participation of employees.

Previously, on May 6, CMC Corp also held the second Third-Class Labor Medal and held gratitude to customers, partners, and friends with a concert called “The Symphony of Future – The Future Symphony”. The program was highly appreciated by the partners for the respect and the very sincere feelings that CMC had for them.

A series of events to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the CMC Corp has ended to open a new chapter with the hope that all CMC people will work together, keep passion for the burning technology, keep the fire of love. deeply with CMC, conquering the digital world together, taking CMC to new heights.

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