Ho Chi Minh City has just held the Vietnam Comprehensive Information Technology – Communications Conference 2019 with the topic of Financial Technology. Mr. Tran Quoc Viet – Contact Center Specialist, CMC Saigon Technology and Solution Co., Ltd (CMC TSSG) has shared about the application of technology to enhance the customer experience in financial services.

Q: Digital customers nowadays have high expectations for using financial services. They expect personalization and in-time support, whether they’re talking directly to people or interacting via Chat or Email. How do you evaluate this?

Customers want to experience reliable, fast and easy-to-use financial servic. Personalization makes their customer experiences more natural and effective. Personalization and customer support should be made available across all customer-business interaction channels. Especially in the financial sector (FSI), improving customer experience (CX – Customer Experience) will help businesses maintain competitive advantage and make a difference in the market.


Q: How does the omni-channel play a role in personalizing and improving customer experience using financial services?

The maturity of the market entails changing customer behavior and increasingly demanding requirements to meet and respond to expectations. Customers take the initiative in finding themselves the best services. This is the case for businesses, especially in the financial sector (FSI), to improve the quality of products and services, in which the technological system plays an effective support role in the most active and proactive manner.

Omni-channel solution is a way to synchronize information between interactive channels, which can come from many available data sources and be enriched during the interaction process between customers and businesses. Is this information provided to the consultant in accordance with the established privacy and policy to help the consultant know who the customer is? What is customer wondering? Or you can predict what customers are expecting based on how their customers interact with your business. Omni-channel is a prerequisite for building 360 degrees of customers (Customer 360◦ view).

If customer experience is the destination, then omni-channel system will be the way towards the destination more easily.


Q: information for Omni-channel comes from many data sources in the process of interacting with customers. So data is the foundation?

As I said above, customer experience is just the destination. There are many ways to get there, in which data is the basic foundation that CMC TSSG is focusing on, because data helps businesses reflect history and predict the future.

CMC TSSG has consulted and implemented the Omni-channel solution for a Top 3 FSI company, their data is scattered in many places. Before coming up with an appropriate Omni-channel solution, CMC TSSG worked with customer to filter all the data and decided what data that makes sense. The first step when CMC TSSG solves technology problems for businesses is always about consulting services, not products. Product is just the output of the consultation. It is important to listen, analyze, understand thoroughly the situation and needs of the enterprise, from which to know what the data is facing and to know what to do.

Q: How has CMC TSSG developed Omni-channel solutions for financial customers in Vietnam?

The orientation of CMC TSSG is customer-centric and digital transformation. CMC TSSG has been constantly researching and developing technological solutions and building core competencies in consultancy and development. Deploy the service in the open direction (Open), simple to operate and use (Simple), scalability (Scalability). The solution to enhance customer experience with Omni-channel that CMC TSSG aims to support both on-premise and Cloud platforms.

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