“Using artificial intelligence to personalize financial services” is one of three solutions that CMC Corrporation has given at Banking Vietnam Exhibition – Conference 2018 held on July 05 in Hanoi, with the goal of building an effective e-government, towards the development of a digital economy.

The solution “Using artificial intelligence towards the personalization of financial services” using artificial intelligence (AI) and data science helps Vietnam’s financial institutions be able to apply it in operation and make effective business decisions.

According to CMC representative, the approach of this solution is foundation with high applicability, together with proven technical solutions through successful implementation, helping financial institutions to maximize exploitation of data value.

Mr. Huynh Ngoc Tan – Head of Data Services Department, CMC SISG shared about AI applications for financial and banking sector

They can formulate customer access policies with a high level of individualization, from customer segmentation, prospect management, credit approval ratings, search advanced selling, cross selling, risk analysis, service discontinuation rates, early credit risk alerts, specialized credit risk models, and recovery scores debt … to optimize debt collection activities, create the best experience and lowest costs for customers.

In particular, different from the perspective of integrating the traditional system focused on product (Product-Centric), the application data science program of CMC was born with design-oriented (Design-Centric) towards the most suitable solution for Vietnam market.

“The application of design thinking to AI projects and applied data science has become a key element in project implementation, helping to bridge the gap between suppliers and customers. deployment culture … This brings the project values ​​beyond the scope of the work ”, said Mr. Huynh Ngoc Tan – Head of Data Services, CMC SISG.

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