This is a complex model of Call Center, Contact Center – customer support center solution is one of the world’s leading advanced technologies in customer care. Contact Center is a key technology project of Vietnam Prosperity Bank Limited Finance Company (FE CREDIT), which was launched from the end of 2016 to now, in the development strategy and quality service management to optimize costs, shorten the processing time of information, increase the productivity of consultants and improve interaction quality. This is also the largest Contact Center project in Vietnam to date with the number of 3.5 million calls / day, 4,500 consultants (agents) and the complexity of multi-channel integration and multiple integration.


CMC Saigon Technology and Solution Co., Ltd. (CMC TSSG) participates in the project as a general consultant for infrastructure design based on Genesys solution design and overall system administration for FE CREDIT, from hardware to software. The alternative to the old Contact Center system – which does not guarantee expanded business operations, and helps FE CREDIT to be uniform on the platform and end-to-end integration for 5 business blocks.

The project is divided into 2 phases: Phase 1 from December 2016 to November 2017 and Phase 2 from February 2019 to September 2019. In phase 1, CMC TSSG has successfully deployed unified multi-channel (Omni Channel) for FE CREDIT with 5 information business units including: voice channel, email, web chat, facebook and mobile app. In particular, the voice channel (voice) focuses on process automation and manipulation helps FE CREDIT optimize resources during peak times and improve the operation of Contact Center. In addition, the system also helps support screen recording (Screen recording) and call recording to improve service quality. Therefore, FE CREDIT continues to invest and expand from 2,000 agents in phase 1 to 4,500 agents in phase 2 because of the benefits that the solution brings. Currently, CMC TSSG is preparing to complete the second phase of the project.

Mr. Tiet Kim Hai – Chief Technology Officer, FE Credit said: “As a pioneer in the finance industry with effort to apply advanced technology, FE CREDIT has set very high goals and requirements. High technical capacity as well as project schedule. With professional project management capacity, CMC TSSG has met the highest commitments of a complex project with a multi-technology nature and must connect many teams of experts in different countries. The successful implementation of phase 1 and the preparation for phase 2 is an important step for FE Credit in building an international standard Contact Center system. ”


Beside providing comprehensive and comprehensive IT solutions for the banking and finance industry of Vietnam, CMC TSSG aims to be the leading consultant in digital transformation solutions, in which investment in building Contact Center capacity is a key and strategic step of CMC TSSG.

Mr. Bui Thanh Phong – Director of Enterprise Solution Department, CMC TSSG

Mr. Bui Thanh Phong – Director of Enterprise Solutions Division, CMC TSSG said: “In the past 3 years, CMC TSSG has captured the needs of businesses in the field of customer care. We have built research and development department, proactively optimize product – solutions for different customer segments and develop cases for businesses for customer experience. At the same time, we will invest in expert team and improve to meet the constant technology change of Contact Center. We are partner with the leading technology companies in the world, providing overall consultancy and solution design, meeting the process of project implementation and post-deployment. ”

CMC TSSG and FE Credit cooperate closely to successfully implement phase 2 of the project, in order to achieve the set goals.

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