VMWARE CLOUD FOUNDATION – Unified SDDC Platform for Hybrid Cloud Computing

VMware Cloud Foundation is VMware’s unified Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) platform for Private and Hibrid Cloud environments. Based on VMware’s server virtualization technology, hosting network infrastructure, providing an integrated software architecture for deploying Private Cloud environments or as a service from Public Cloud environments with simple operations. Simple and consistent, bringing businesses many benefits such as:

✅ Easily monitor your entire cloud environment
✅ Automating IT infrastructure operations
✅ Cost optimization up to 57%
✅ Control and allow correct resource allocation
✅ Superior application performance enhancement
✅ Strictly manage security and compliance

✔ Provide expert technical resources in each technology field
✔ Maintain critical IT services with up to 99.99% online time
✔ Consulting, monitoring, ensuring security and promptly handling system problems
✔ Comprehensive support, thoughtful and timely technical guidance.
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