The most satisfied and proud of CMC TSSG is that we have built more than 300 associates, intelligent, youthful, energetic and aspiring CMC TSSG members. Thanks to this collective contributed to the success of CMC TSSG today.

Motto Recruiting

  • Connecting and cooperating with leading experts to success

    If you are a leading expert and you have been succesfull in your career, you will be easy to show your superiority when you work with other leading experts at CMC TSSG. We will help you retain your career passion, continously create impressionable innovation and performance…Your success is success of CMC TSSG.

  • Helping candidates prepare well

    We are ready to take time to discuss about competencies requirements, performance requirements and challenges which the candidates have to face and overcome at CMC TSSG. After the interviews, if the candidates have any questions, they can contact with the interviewers through emails or handphone to get more information.

  • Not only interview and evaluate but also share opinions openly

    We hope that, they will have more clearly objectives in the career path from some interviews. Although they are not suitable with CMC TSSG, we often take time to give them some advices so that they can be more successfull in the future. Besides, we are ready to receive opinions or comments from all the candidates about many different aspects in order to make the recruitment more perfectly.

  • The candidates who are not suitable at the present may be suitable in the future.

    Even if some candidates are not successful, they can know why and will have better approaches to succeed in another chance. We desire to keep in touch with them and have more chances to realize their strengths. We surely invite you attend other interviews in the future.

Recruitment Unlimited

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Core Values


  • We share the advantages and disadvantages, successes and failures
  • We support to develop together


  • We express the creative, passion of each product – services provided
    to clients
  • We highlight knowledge, innovation and creativity
  • We provide intelligent solutions to serve the work and life
  • We highlight unique differences


  • Specialized to standards (C.M.C) – the slogan of our actions
  • We professionally from the image, behavior, words, actions and on
    each product, service
  • Professional in commitment to customers, partners, shareholders,
    employees and community
  • Professional help us get the trust of customers and constantly strive
    for customer confidence
  • Professional help us do our utmost, creative and innovate to server

Development and Training

Income and benefit policy
Opportunities of learning

Income = Salary + Bonus on performance + other bonuses

  • Income policy was built based on some criterias such as: income is commensurate with the performance, encouraging the employees to improve productivity.
  • The income policy is public. The employees can know their annual income fund and can calculate the salary or bonus themselves.
  • Salary of the employees are classified according to the 3P principle: P1: Position that they are assigned ; P2: Person or competencies that they have; P3: Performance that they have to achieve.
  • Bonuses on some holidays and other bonuses based on effectiveness of projects.
  • Welfare: social/health/unemployment insurance, health care, annual physical examination, summer vacation and picnics/teambuilding games.
  • Other events that show the attentions to employees such as International Children’s Day (June 01), Mid-autumn Festival, Christmas Day,…

  • Orientation training
  • Technology training
  • Professional knowledge training and working skills training
  • Soft skills training
  • Succession planning
  • Movement of self-learning and sharing knowledge