CMC SOC As a Service

CMC SOC As a Service leads the way in integrating security technologies from IBM, helping business and organization face the challenges of:

  • People: lack of personnel to operate or cannot evaluate the risk response process of internal SOC specialists
  • Process: invest resources to build operating procedures and operation instructions or unexpected incidents may occur.
  • Technology: the complexity of operating a security system on its own and the system requires 24×7 monitoring

CMC TSSG implements CMC SOC As a Service, which includes flexible security packages based on business demand at a cost that fits its size.

Service Features and Service Packages

Service Features

  • Advanced monitoring technology – Cognitive SOAR
  • On-premise and Cloud Infracstructure monitoring
  • Co-supervise monitoring and analysis process
  • Pay As You Go

Service Packages

  • Security Monitoring Service
  • Security Monitoring & Response Service
  • Emergency Incident Response Service
  • Investigation & Digital Forensics Service
  • Threat Hunting Service

Values to Customers

Do not affect business existing system. Thanks to the Ecosystem of CMC SOC that is compatible with most systems hence business do not need to invest in others.

Co-monitoring – risk response process. Customers can monitor the incident response process of CMC and evaluate the performance as committed.

Experienced team of security experts operates 24/7. Comprehensive and experienced personnel operating and troubleshooting network security that helps customer solve security staff shortage.

Save more on capital expenditures. Cut down on costs and headache associated with self monitoring with CMC SOC.

Enhance the efficiency of security systems to focus on business goals. CMC SOC continuously protects the customer system so that business can focus on developing the key objectives.


IBM Platinum Partner

CMC TSSG is currently an IBM Platinum partner – the highest partner level. We demonstrate ability to provide advanced security services to customers.

Co-monitor risk response process

The leading SOC As a Service that provides co-monitoring of risk response procedure. Customers can monitor and evaluate the performance of CMC security team as committed.

Save more on resources and expenses

Using CMC SOC As a Service helps organisations save initial investment costs as well as internal SOC operation.